About Our Company

We Lead By Example

We do what we say we are doing. We value every relationship with our customers. AXIS was created with a goal in mind: To bring a new standard of delivering high quality products to our customers. Our hemp beverages are quality ensured. We have produced some products named , Tropical Berry, Strawberry Daiquiri and Mighty Mango Daiquiri developed by the company’s CEO. AXIS’s beverages are the perfect mixture of flavors infused with hemp isolate to produce a tasty and refreshing drink of 25mg or more in each beverage which keeps you healthy, as well as assisting building your immune system, It’s our promise to keep on working to produce healthy and tasty products for our valuable customers. Stay healthy with hemp.

Vision Statement:

Our future goal is to keep on producing the quality products under the brand name of AXIS “Hemp In A Cap”. The beverage will be positioned as a blend of tasty flavors providing consumer a perfect drink to keep healthy your body, mind and spirit. Hemp drinks are increasing in both popularity and availability. Many studies prove the effectiveness of CBD treatment for various conditions, mostly all have concluded that it is safe and virtually side effect free. With no scientific guarantees. CBD will continue to climb the trends in the legalization movement and eventually will be noticed as essential key to fighting the opioid epidemic. AXIS “Hemp In A Cap” will produce a number of hemp beverages in the future for our valuable customers under the supervision of the company’s CEO using the label, AXIS – Hemp In A Cap.
AXIS “Hemp In A Cap” will make it easier for consumers to incorporate hemp drinks into their lifestyles and reap the benefits of regaining healthy body conditions. The business communities interest in hemp drinks are trending in a new way to change up your health conditions and AXIS

“Hemp In A Cap” is on its way to do so.

Mission Statement:

Mission of AXIS – Hemp In A Cap, is to produce premium quality hemp beverages made from cannabidiol, to keep your body healthy and your immune system refreshed . Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive molecule found in cannabis which is extracted from marijuana plants. Initially, AXIS has developed products, Tropical Berry, Strawberry Daiquiri and Mango flavored daiquiris under the supervision of its CEO. Each beverage is a proprietary blend of flavors infused with hemp isolate to produce a tasty and refreshing cocktail of 25mg or more. Our goal is to bring one’s body back into alignment through these hemp beverages under the brand name of AXIS Hemp In Cap – symbolizing the twist of earth axis; to align.
Hemp isolate is non-psychoactive; it doesn’t make you “high” that consumers get from ingesting THC. So, these beverages provide the wellness benefits with a wide variety of health conditions like chronic pain, anxiety and depression, etc.